5 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas to Completely Transform Your Space

Decorating styles change often enough that kitchen renovations are commonplace. The good news is that kitchen renovations offer one of the better returns on investment when you sell the house.

And, while appliances, floors, and countertops get most of the attention during renovations, don’t forget about the humble backsplash. Often taken for granted, the right backsplash can actually transform your space.

Keep reading for five kitchen backsplash ideas that can take your kitchen from humdrum to outstanding.

Wooden countertop with a modern stainless steel sink and faucet and a stone tile backsplash

Transformational Backsplash Ideas

1. Stone

Most backsplashes go with traditional porcelain or ceramic tiles. If you go with a stone countertop, a stone backsplash can make your kitchen pop.

Two of the more popular stone options are granite and quartz, both of which can offer durability. You can also opt for stone tiles.

If you want something really impressive, consider a bookmatched slab for your backsplash. It adds a kind of symmetry and unity to your kitchen look.

2. Penny Tiles

If ceramic and stone don’t do the trick for you, consider copper penny tiles. Using copper as your backsplash gives you a splash of a color not often seen in kitchens.

Many penny tiles use copper blanks, but you can find some that use actual pennies. Actual pennies add a bit of extra texture to the wall.

3. Reclaimed Wood

There’s nothing that says a backsplash must be stone or tile. Wood panels add a sense of warmth and welcoming to any room.

Reclaimed lumber is popular right now because it adds something special. For one thing, it brings a story and history all its own to a room. Just as importantly, old wood takes on a visual character that no amount of staining or finishing can impart.

Working with reclaimed lumber can prove tricky, so you’ll probably want a remodeling pro on the job.

4. Glass Panels

Going for a sleek, minimalist look in your home? Then consider installing glass panels for your backsplash. They come painted on the back, typically to match or complement your color scheme. Then they are attached to the wall with adhesive, so you avoid the upkeep associated with grout.

Glass panels also add a reflective surface to your wall that helps light up the space.

5. Mosaic Cork

Like the general feel of penny tiles, but want a more natural look? Consider mosaic cork tiles.

You can find tiles with rounds that mimic the size of wine bottle corks or ones that approximate the size of a penny. Either way, you get a wall with a kind of texture you won’t find in most kitchens.

Where Will Your Ideas Take You?

Transforming your kitchen space calls for some out-of-the-box kitchen backsplash ideas. You must look beyond traditional ceramic and porcelain tiles to find materials not commonly used. For instance:

  • You can get a natural look with reclaimed wood or cork.
  • You can go modern with glass panels.
  • Create a visual pop with copper penny tiles.
  • Got a soft spot in your heart for stone? Consider bookmatched stone slabs for counter and backsplash.

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