5 Small Kitchen Renovation Ideas You Can Do Before the Holidays

It’s almost time for the holidays. Are you ready to host?

The holidays are stressful enough without worrying about your home not being properly prepped for the family. Taking a weekend now to perform some minor upgrades can mean the difference between anxiety and pride when your kitchen is full of people.

hands framing drawing of kitchen

With these small kitchen renovation ideas, you can take your kitchen from drab to fab in a hurry. Keep reading to learn how.

Paint Your Cabinets

The best way to freshen up a room? New paint. That applies to your cabinets, too.

Redoing your cabinetry right before the holidays can be expensive and time-consuming. Painting them, though, is the perfect small project to breathe new life into your kitchen.

Depending on your mood, you might want to opt for a fun color like yellow or mint. You might consider gold for the holidays, or want to keep them a classic white. Regardless of which color you choose, you’re bound to feel like you’re in a whole new kitchen with this easy facelift.

Open Up Your Space with Glass

Glass makes areas feel bigger. If you have a small kitchen, this might be the best of these small kitchen renovation ideas for you. Replacing your cabinet doors with glass ones can open up your space, making it feel big and bright. It’ll make your cabinets feel less clunky as they flow visually with the rest of the room.

Mirrors also perform wonders for making spaces feel bigger. Hang some mirrors in your kitchen to make the space feel big enough to accommodate all of your lingering family members—even if it’s not.

Upgrade Your Sink

Delicious meals are the heart of the holidays, and you can’t have delicious meals without dishes. If you don’t have a dishwasher, this can quickly become the most tedious chore of the holiday season.

Upgrading your sink can make that chore a whole lot smoother and a whole lot more pleasant. Check out how these farmhouse sinks instantly give their kitchens an elegant feel. Bonus: more room for washing big pots and pans!

Opt for Open Shelving

Open shelving is trending right now, and for good reason. It’s aesthetically pleasing and makes kitchens feel incredibly spacious. Converting your upper cabinets to shelves can make your kitchen look like a magazine snapshot with just a weekend renovation project.

Open shelving is especially great to have around the holidays. They’re perfect for showing off attractive holiday dishes and streaming festive garlands along!

Change Your Hardware

Sometimes, it’s the simplest changes that can make the biggest difference.

Take a good look at your cabinet hardware. Is it outdated? Chances are, the answer is yes.

Updating your cabinet hardware is a simple and cheap way to give your kitchen a new look. Opt for sleek, silver handles to create a modern feel, or choose quirky, mismatched knobs for a rustic, farmhouse vibe.

Small Kitchen Renovation Ideas for Your Weekend Project

With the holidays around the corner, now’s a perfect time to gear up and spend a weekend improving your home. Read up on some tips and tricks for renovating your kitchen before you get started!