5 Ways to Make the Best of Your Small Kitchen Space

The kitchen is one of the most widely used rooms in a home. It’s a great place to gather with your friends and spend time cooking with your family. But sometimes the kitchen just isn’t big enough to fit everyone or all your kitchen accessories.

Before changing your house or removing items from your kitchen, you can hire a kitchen remodeler to make some minor modifications that can make a huge difference. Let’s take a look at five ways you can make the best of your small kitchen and generate some ideas for your space.

Use Open Wall Space to Your Advantage

Generally speaking, the wall is not the ideal storage spot, but it does have potential. One way to increase organization and efficiency in your kitchen is to use pegboards to store your oversized and regularly used items such as pots and utensils.

Lacking sufficient countertop space with little room for a kitchen island? Another option is to add shelves or a fold-down table. When collapsed, the table can serve as a small shelf. But if you flip the end up, you now have another surface for food prep or a mini breakfast table.

Plan Out Your Kitchen Lighting

While natural lighting is the most energy-efficient type of lighting, here are some other ways you can light up your kitchen. Take a look at which areas you work in most and plan your lighting accordingly. Recessed lighting can help light up your countertops, allowing you to see better while cooking in your kitchen. Additionally, spotlighting and decorative lighting can make the space feel more open.

Customized Cabinets Provide More Space

Free up more space in your kitchen by installing built-in cabinets. Custom kitchen cabinets allow you to take advantage of every inch of space without losing it to filler space and unusable corners. In general, kitchens have a space between the end of the refrigerator and cabinets. Simply placing a pull-out cabinet in that space will allow you to utilize it for items such as seasonings or spices. In addition, you can include custom cabinets under the sink and the kitchen island.

Add Color to Optimize Your Small Kitchen

Choosing a color for your kitchen is a crucial element in transforming your kitchen. When deciding on a color scheme, try to keep your choices within one or two predominate colors that will help create the feeling of a larger space.

Let’s take a look at additional color options that can make a small kitchen look larger:

  • Adding dashes of color on your windowsills or inner shelves
  • Creating an accent wall
  • Utilizing the same color for walls and trim
  • Minimizing contrast with countertops and cabinets

Knock Down the Walls

Combining the dining room with the kitchen is a popular solution for creating open space. Knocking down internal walls makes it easier to interact with your family and guest without a large wall separating the two rooms. Additionally, you can increase the flow of natural light in your home by creating a layout that accommodates your way of life.

We Can Help with Your Kitchen Remodel

Few rooms are as important in any home as the kitchen. That’s why if you’re considering kitchen remodeling for your home, it’s important that you find a local home remodeling company that you can trust to give you the choices, style, and expertise you’ll want to bring that special room to life.

If you’re ready for a Milwaukee kitchen remodel that will make your kitchen the envy of your friends, call JBS Construction. We offer a practically limitless selection of kitchen remodeling choices, exceptional service and over three decades of professional experience serving Milwaukee, Ozaukee and Waukesha counties. Contact us today!