Finding the Right Sink for Your Kitchen Remodel

kitchen-remodel-milwaukeeIf you’re considering a kitchen remodel, you’ve likely already imagined how you want your new kitchen to look, but have you considered what type of new sink you want too? Finding the right sink for your new kitchen renovation deserves much more thought than most people often realize.

Think about it: How often do you use your kitchen sink? If you’re like most homeowners, multiple times a day. You use it when cooking, when washing dishes, when cleaning the house, and probably for myriad other home chores that you don’t even think think about. For experienced kitchen remodelers like ourselves, we know that choosing the right kitchen sink is just as important as choosing the right cabinets, if not more.

Choose a new sink that isn’t right for you and every time you use it, you’ll be reminded of how you wish your sink was deeper, wider, bigger or just plain easier to use. It’s those day-to-day annoyances that getting your kitchen remodeled is supposed to cure, not make worse.

When choosing a new sink, you’ll want to think about the following, and discuss it with your home remodeler:

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  • How will you use your sink? Will you just use it for cooking and cleaning, or will you use it for other things too, like watering plants, bathing a baby, or bathing pets? Do you work on home projects that might require a bigger cleaning area or one that is resistant to stains and nicks? Are you a home chef that might enjoy built-in sink accessories like a work station, rinsing station or cutting board?
  • What shape sink works best, or will work best for your needs? If you plan on using your sink as a bathing or cleanup area, you may want to consider a trough-like sink. If, however, you cook a lot and struggle with stacks of pots and pans, a nice, deep sink may be better for your needs. How you live and what you do can greatly impact what type of sink you should get.
  • How many sinks do you need? During any kitchen renovation, it’s important to consider how many sinks you actually need. Although one sink is the standard, there are plenty of families that need more than one sink in the kitchen. Auxiliary sinks or divided sinks are often installed for homes with drink-bar areas or religious considerations.
  • How durable should your sink be? This too depends entirely on how you plan to use your new sink. If stains, nicks and scratches aren’t a concern, a porcelain sink may be just right for you. If, however, your sink could see some wear and tear from metal pans, scrubbing, and home-project clean up, a stainless steel sink will serve you better in the long run.

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