Finished Basement Ceilings — A Few Dos and Don’ts

wisconsin-home-renovation-basement4Many homeowners are eager to call in a Milwaukee basement remodeling company for a finished basement but they hesitate because they’re not sure how to handle the basement ceiling. What’s the point of having your basement finished if the ceiling still looks like it belongs in a factory?

It’s a big challenge for basement remodeling contractors like us too. How do we make sure that we don’t restrict access to all of the important pipes, wiring and ductwork that run above your basement while still giving you the fabulous finished basement you’re looking for? That’s where working with an experienced, professional basement renovator can help.

With decades of experience in home remodeling, we’ve worked with a lot of ceilings, so we know what materials, techniques and design strategies work best when it comes to making sure that your new basement ceiling won’t restrict access but won’t disrupt the polished look and feel of your new finished basement either.

Here are just a few things we’ve learned:

  • If we strategically place your access panels, we can give you both the finished basement feel you’re looking for without restricting access that you may need to your pipes, wiring and ductwork.
  • We can install suspended ceilings with wood or textured tiles, giving them a much more high-end look than traditional suspended ceilings.
  • We can use custom lighting design to give your finished basement just about any feel you’re looking for — whether you want soft, ambient lighting or a bright, modern glow, we can do it.
  • By taking the time to sit down and talk to our customers about their design desires and budgetary needs, we’re nearly always able to come up with a basement renovation solution that meets their needs.

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