Ideas for Your Small Bathroom Remodel Project

You shouldn’t have to choose between luxury and legroom in a small or half bathroom. Although the square footage in your bathroom can be quite challenging, it’s not impossible to make a design statement in a small space. There are a variety of bathroom designs for small spaces that can create a larger look and feel. Let’s take a look at small bathroom design ideas to inspire you to go bold and express your creativity.

Add Storage

Take a look at your bathroom. Does your space lack a medicine cabinet? Do you need a place to store your bathroom amenities? Adding a cabinet above the toilet or on any free wall space is the perfect accessory. This allows you to not only have extra room to store your products, it also allows you to conceal them.

Want to add warmth and playful colors to the room? Showcase your colorful towels in open shelving instead and eliminate unwanted furniture that takes up space. Additional pops of color may include:

  • Displaying stylish soap dishes and accessories.
  • Hanging vibrant robes to add color and personality.
  • Painting the mirror frame an accent color.

Install Windows to Make the Bathroom Feel Spacious

In general, windows are a great way to create the feeling of a larger bathroom. Natural lighting is the best type of lighting for any room. The brighter the room, the bigger it feels.

Depending on the layout of your house, the best place to install windows is on either side of the sink. Furthermore, this creates an airflow that makes the room feel less constrained. Another option is to install a skylight if your bathroom is on the top level of your home.

Reflect Natural Light into the Room with Mirrors

If you are unable to add windows to the bathroom, mirrors can create the illusion of extra space by reflecting the room. Installing large floor-length mirrors behind vanities or tables will increase the visual span of your bathroom. Try to avoid putting a mirror in places where they reflect static surfaces such as a closet or wall.

Free Up Every Available Surface

In a small space, every inch is valuable. The key is to maximize that value by freeing up as many surfaces as possible. In general, floating the vanity will free up the floor and visually expand the room. Furthermore, wall-mounted plumbing fixtures help free up your countertop, while shallow shelving offers more space for everyday essentials.

Functionality is Key

Small rooms can easily lead to unnecessary clutter, so only add design elements that are functional. Try not to add knick-knacks or objects that don’t serve a purpose. Some examples of this may include:

  • Installing a hamper under the sink.
  • Adding stackable baskets underneath cabinets.
  • Storing personal products to minimize counter space.

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