Why More Families Are Finding They Need a Finished Basement

wisconsin-home-renovation-basement2Persistent unemployment, longer lifespans, and insurmountable mountains of school debt are making more families realize that they need a finished basement. As more and more adult children move in with their parents, and elderly parents are living decades longer than they thought they would, more Baby Boomer parents are finding themselves in once perfectly-sized homes that are no longer as roomy as they once seemed — and suddenly seeing the value in using finished basements to expand their living space.

In fact, an AARP study reported an increase of 30% in the number of households with at least three generations of family members living together. Not coincidentally, anecdotal and statistical reports from real estate agents show a surge in buyers looking for homes that can accommodate multiple generations.

It makes you wonder: Are the days when kids moved away for college and Grandma and Grandpa whiled away their retirement years in exclusive retirement communities over? Well, it’s too early to tell just yet, but it certainly seems that way. And, if that’s the case, the case for finished basements is easy to make.

Milwaukee Basement remodelers and professional remodeling contractors like us have long advocated for the many benefits of having a finished basement for many reasons. Not only does having a basement contractor remodel your basement expand your living space (making your home more livable and enjoyable, regardless of how many people live there), basement finishing inevitably increases the resale value of the home — making it that much easier to sell your home and retain your property values when the housing market sours.

Basement contractors and renovators often have to remind homeowners that turning your basement into a bedroom isn’t the end of possibilities. In fact, if your home has enough bedrooms to meet your needs, having a finished basement can make it a great getaway zone, giving everyone the space they need. Whether it’s used by the kids as a rec room or the parents as a rest-and-relaxation zone, a finished basement can dramatically improve everyone’s ability to enjoy their time at home.

If you want your basement remodeled, however, it’s important to note that the most important thing you can do is find an experienced, professional home remodeler who has a proven record of completing basement renovations before. Trust your basement remodel to an amateur and you may end up paying twice — once for the work and once for the re-work.

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