Milwaukee Bathroom Showers Installation

At JBS Home Remodeling, we install Milwaukee bathroom showers the right way, right away, so that our customers get the timely, high-quality services they deserve. Owners Jeff & Brian Stephan are bathroom shower installation experts with decades of experience installing bathroom fixtures and showers throughout the Milwaukee area. And, when you choose JBS Home Remodeling, you can count on them to personally oversee your bathroom remodeling project.

We know just how personally people take their bathrooms, which is why at JBS Home Remodeling, we won’t begin any of our bathroom shower replacement or installation services until we’re certain that we understand exactly what you want. Whether you want a new shower stalled that’s big enough for long, luxurious showers, or you just want something small for quick in-and-out sprays, we can help. And, you can trust us to get all the little details right too — from the fixtures and colors to the vanities and your bathroom cabinetry, we’ll make sure you get the new bathroom you’re hoping for.

Bathroom Tubs — Enclosures

Our Milwaukee bathroom remodeling services don’t stop at shower installation services, we’re professional bathroom tub installers too. From lay-down bathroom tubs to stand-up bathroom shower enclosures, our professional bathroom remodelers can do it all. The best part? When you choose our bathroom tub installation services, you don’t have to worry about any of the DIY hassles. So, instead of wasting your time wondering if you’ve done it right, you can trust that our professional tub enclosure installers did and get on with enjoying that new bathroom of yours.

Free Estimates for Shower and Tub Installation

If you need a new tub or shower, call us today for a FREE ESTIMATE on any of our Milwaukee bathroom shower installation services or bathroom tub and enclosure installation services. We’re eager to help you get the new bathroom shower or tub you’re looking  for.

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