Basement, Attic & Home Insulation Installation

Milwaukee homeowners know that our houses need effective, efficient insulation to cope with Wisconsin’s erratic weather. In the winter, we get freezing wind chill temperatures and major snowstorms. And in the summer, we get scorching heat and high humidity.

That’s where good insulation comes in. Not only does effective home insulation help reduce home energy costs (by keeping heat in your home during the winter and keeping cool air and air conditioning in during the summer), it makes your home environment more comfortable (by controlling temperature fluctuations), increases the value of your home, and helps soundproof it too.

If you’re ready to reduce your energy bills and make your home more comfortable throughout the year, call JBS Construction. We offer home insulation products that:

  • Can be installed in one day
  • Are made from non-toxic, non-carcinogenic materials
  • Do not attract mold or mildew
  • Can extend the life of air conditioning and heating units

Free Estimates for Home Insulation Services

We offer FREE ESTIMATES for home insulation projects of any size, including those for basements, attics, new home constructions and remodeling projects for commercial and residential properties throughout Milwaukee, Ozaukee and Waukesha counties.

For your free estimate, just give us a call at 262-677-2500, or click here to submit your request online. Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you!